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Instructions for the Baxter Mini-Infuser Pump 300XL

Before you begin:

1. Wash your hands.

2. Gather your supplies:

  • 2 Normal Saline Syringes

  • Heparin syringe (if needed)

  • Alcohol pads

  • 60" tubing

  • Baxter Mini-Infuser Pump

  • Medication Syringe

Giving your Medication:

1. Flush your access device as directed

2. Prime the tubing:

  • Attach tubing to syringe tip

  • Push syringe plunger gently until the tubing fills completely with medication

3. Grasp release lever on the mini-infuser pump. Squeeze in direction of arrow until the pusher moves freely. Slide the pusher to the top of the pump.

4. Place syringe barrel into the syringe holder on the pump. Make sure the top edge of the barrel sits in the grooves.

5. Grasp release lever and slide pusher down until it grasps the top of the syringe plunger and release the lever.

6. Attach the primed tubing to your IV access device.

7. Check your pump speed (on the back of the pump). Your prescription label will say which speed your pump should be set to. Options: Medium, Low, Extra Low. 

8. Start your infusion by turning the on/off switch to"on with alarm". You will see a green light flashing when the medication is infusing.

9. When your infusion is complete the pump will alarm. Turn the on/off switch to "off". Squeeze the release lever and reset the plunger to the top of the pump.

10. Remove the empty syringe.

  • If you are infusing once a day, you may dispose of your tubing after each dose.

  • If you are infusing multiple times per day, your tubing may be used for 24 hours. Refrigerate the tubing attached to the old syringe between doses. Make sure to cover the end of the tubing that attaches to your access device with the blue or red cap.


  • If the pump alarms and starts flashing red before your infusion is complete, turn the pump off. Pull back on the release lever and bring the pusher back to the top of the pump. Then, bring the pusher back down to grasp the syringe. Restart your pump.

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 11.46.16

Baxter Mini-Pump Infuser 300XL

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