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IV Push Antibiotic Instruction

1. If medication is refrigerated, take out at least one hour ahead of time to warm up OR if stable, take out when previous dose is run. Check the label for correct patient, dosage, and expiration date. Check that there are no cracks or leaks and that the solution is clear.

2. Wash hands with soap for 30 seconds. Use a paper towel or a clean linen towel to dry hands and turn off faucet. An alcohol-based waterless cleanser may be used as directed by manufacturer instead of soap and water.

3. Gather supplies on a clean work surface.

  • Medication syringe 

  • 2 Saline (Sodium Chloride) Syringes (White)

  • Alcohol wipes

  • 1 Heparin Syringe ___(Blue) ___(Yellow)


4. S aline – Flush catheter with ____ml saline. Wipe injection cap with alcohol wipe. Hold injection cap in one hand and push syringe directly onto cap and screw on. Inject saline using push-pause, push-pause method. Injection cap must remain attached to patient catheter, DO NOT REMOVE!

5. A dminister medication – Attach medication syringe to injection cap and push

medication in over _____minutes as directed on label.

6. S aline – Flush catheter with ____ml saline.

7. H eparin – Flush catheter with ____ml heparin. Close clamp on extension tubing after removing syringe to reduce chance of blood back-up. Heparin is not needed if you have a Groshong catheter, or a valved catheter, or a peripheral IV unless otherwise indicated by nurse.

8. Waste Disposal – Used syringes without needles or blood can be placed in household trash unless otherwise indicated by nurse. Syringes that have needles or that are blood contaminated should be placed in red sharps container. The sharps container can be sealed closed and put in household trash when 3⁄4 full, when you have a replacement.

9. Call SISU Healthcare Solutions at (702) 577-1617 if you have any questions or problems or if there is redness, swelling or tenderness at your IV site.

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