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Welcome Letter

We are pleased to be your provider of home infusion therapy and nursing services, enteral therapy and home medical and respiratory equipment. SISU Healthcare has locations in Nevada and Arizona.

Our goal is to provide the best care to individuals and support their families while working through their course of therapy and treatment to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our staff is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A Clinician is on-call during non-business hours to answer your clinical questions and needs. Our staff includes licensed pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy technicians, respiratory therapists, customer service technicians, billers, office customer service staff and warehouse technicians. SISU Healthcare Solutions provide a wide range of durable medical equipment, respiratory equipment, enteral services and infusion therapy services.

During admission to our services, you will receive a copy of your rights and responsibilities as a patient of SISU Healthcare Solutions. If we will be visiting you on a regular basis, you will be asked whether you have a living will or advance directive. A Living Will is designed to be used to give your wishes in advance about your medical treatment applicable to the specific conditions stated therein, (Advance Directives) and additionally or alternatively for you to appoint someone whom you would wish to be consulted and involved in decisions of your medical care and to represent your views. Please let our staff know if you have an advance directive and post a copy in your home so we may respect your wishes.

If a local or regional disaster occurs while you are receiving SISU Healthcare Solutions’ services, we will make every attempt to assist you to ensure your safety. If you are receiving infusion medication, equipment or other services that cannot be interrupted without risk of your health and safety, you will be identified as a patient with priority needs. In case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 to receive services without delay. If you can no longer safely remain in your home, go to the nearest emergency shelter. Consult local radio or television stations for instructions about the location of transportation and emergency shelters. We will work cooperatively with you and emergency medical personnel to provide necessary equipment and services.

For your safety and protection, SISU Healthcare Solutions delivery staff will always wear a SISU Healthcare Solutions badge with a photo ID. SISU Healthcare Solutions may use a Courier Service for your deliveries. Additionally, SISU Healthcare Solutions conducts pre-employment reference and criminal background checks as well as pre-employment and random drug screening.

If you have a concern about the quality of our care, please feel free to call us at the local number on your Work Order/Delivery Ticket and ask to speak with a Supervisor/Manager. We believe strongly in continuous performance improvement and rely upon your feed back to improve the quality of our services. We commit that the patient/caregiver may file a complaint or concern without fear of retaliation. All complaints will be addressed within 72 hours, reported within 10 calendar days and the resolution completed within 14 days unless the agency has and documents a reasonable cause for delay. Below you will find the contact information to our Corporate Office in addition to some important regulatory phone numbers should you require further assistance or resolution to a concern.


State Board of Pharmacy

State Board of Nursing

State Board of Respiratory Care


Dept of Public Health

Advanced Directive Information

SISU Branch


(623) 934-0583

(602) 331-8111

(602) 542-5995

(919) 785-1214

(602) 542-1000

(800) 352-8431

(480) 999-4488


(775) 850-1440

(888) 590-6726

(775) 688-2559

(919) 785-1214

(775) 684-4000

(702) 229-6596

(702) 577-1617

SISU Healthcare Solutions – Corporate Office

914 S. 52nd Street, Suite 110
Tempe,AZ 85281
(480) 999-4488
Visit our website at


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