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Sisu Healthcare Solutions

Sisu Healthcare Solutions is a privately held infusion therapy company that is dedicated to providing excellent clinical service to our patients, physicians and managed care customers.

We provide comprehensive infusion therapy services that include the provision of nutritional, antibiotics, and specialty drugs administered intravenously, including all medically appropriate and necessary supplies.

We provide these services and products to patients in the home setting or in our out patient ambulatory infusion suites.

Our clinical team of nurses and pharmacists work closely with physicians to develop a plan of care based upon the patient’s therapy. Our specially trained nurses assess the home setting, administer the medication and teach caregivers in the home. From pharmacokinetic monitoring to reviewing medication profiles our pharmacists are working closely with patients as well as their physician.  Home infusion therapy has proven to be a cost effective alternative to hospitalization or hospital based out patient care.

We look forward to providing excellent clinical service to your infusion therapy patients.

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